An investment decreases by 73% over a 11-year period. At what effective annual percent rate does it decrease?

Round your answer to three decimal places.

The value of the investment decreases by approximately ____% each year.



An investment grows by 35% over a 6-year period. What is its effective annual percent growth rate?

Round your answer to three decimal places.

The effective annual percent growth rate is ____%.




An investment grows by 5% per year for 40 years. By what percent does it increase over the 40-year period?

Round your answer to one decimal place.


Guest Mar 7, 2017

WE are not here to do all your homework for you so you can learn nothing.  I am not anyway.

Why do you post 3 questions that are almost identical. ? I know, ...   because you are a lazy git!


You post just one and then attempt to learn from it and do the others yourself!

Melody  Mar 7, 2017

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