Is the following a function?



a. 1

b. 3

c. 4

d. 6

(show work)

Mathrules  Jul 2, 2018

you already asked this question, and a guest asked you to clarify because your question makes no sense...


edit: jesus christ, this is the third time you post this question, you don't even check the answers, stop reposting questions

Guest Jul 2, 2018
edited by Guest  Jul 2, 2018

Yes i am in agreement.

You have asked this same question at least 2 times before!


If you still need an answer to an older question then put a link to your original question in your new post and aske people to answer on the original post please.

If you do not like someone's answer. If you do not understand it or if you have reason to think it is incorrect then say so (politely) on the original post!

Melody  Jul 2, 2018

sorry I'm new to this

Mathrules  Jul 2, 2018

That is ok, we all have to learn.


So long as you are always polite and you learn good forum manners quickly there will not be a problem. :)


Always remember to thank people (plus of course people like to get points). If you think the answer is wrong or you do not understand then say so! People actually LIKE you to do this, it shows that you are really trying to learn!


Even if you say you do not understand, or you think the answer is wrong, you can still thank the person for their time :)

Melody  Jul 2, 2018

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