i was fussing around with a diagram maker and made something i thought looked cool. is there a name for this? link to the diagram is https://www.desmos.com/geometry/vsvphq8pcz


 Nov 13, 2019

Hi Chrissy

That is a really cool pic.  I don't think it has a specific name.

I've never drawn anything like that with desmos.  

I think your pic is ONLY constructed from circles. 

It is an indication of how decieved our eyes can be.


Desmos tools do not present like that for me.  

I've never used it for construction. When i want to construct something geometrical I always fall back on GeoGebra 

but it seems Desmos might be just as good!


Mmm I guess I need to play with it.  

Thanks for showing me.

 Nov 13, 2019
edited by Melody  Nov 13, 2019

there's not a name for that specific thing, (it looks awesome btw) 

but theres something sort of similar 

pretend you are given a line segment and you are told to construct the perpendicular bisector 

what you'd do is to take your "compass" and make a bunch of concentric circles about 2/3 of the way past your mid point (on the line segment) 

and you would want to do this on both sides so from one end point to the other (and remember to keep compass setting the same!) 

and so these "concentric circles" wherever they intersect, you can draw a line from the top to the bottom and there you have your perp. bisector....

again, it's not the same it just kind of reminded me of that :') 

 Nov 13, 2019

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