Does anyone even look at the answers given?

 Mar 3, 2020

Sometimes I think the questioners could at least say thank you.

 Mar 3, 2020

hi sorry your answer here was wrong




also here https://web2.0calc.com/questions/help_76678#r1

 Mar 3, 2020
edited by Guest  Mar 3, 2020

People like you are such assholes.


Fine.  I'm gone.

Rom  Mar 4, 2020

  I am finding it is not worth it anymore.....the only time you will get acknowlegement of your answer posting  is when you make even the tiniest mistake....then the quesioner does not look at the methodology to understand how to  find the correct answer..... you'll just get " That is wrong"  ...i.e.  they only wanted the answer which they submitted and got notice it was incorrect.   ~EP

 Mar 3, 2020

We dont deserve you eppy

Guest Mar 3, 2020

There are always a few genuine askers here. 

A few people that really are interested in learning.

If you mostly stay away from guests and try to remember the individual responses you will discover a few.


OldTimer is one. He is very interested in learning.  He has learned heaps since he first started posting. 

There are a few others as well.

[I am sorry I cannot recall your names at the moment but I recognize a few of you when I see you.]

It is like panning for gold.  Most of it is rubble but there are a few specks of gold.

If you have a lot of patience and you if look hard enough, you can find the gold.



You are all right of course, the bulk of askers here are only really interested in the answers.

They feel little, if any, gratitude and express even less than that. 


But, still, the tiny specks of gold are hidden within.

 Mar 8, 2020

stay away from us rawr!!!!!

Guest Mar 8, 2020

nuuuu Rom come back some question askers still need you! There may be some bad kids, but there will always be that filth in your food!


(weird metaphor)

 Mar 9, 2020

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