First off, I want to point out something:


1. I know this is almost always used for help on certain questions, but I'm asking this question here anyways.


All right. Now that this is out of the way, I want to ask this question:

I know there is such thing as a fractional derivative, but is there anything like that that applies to logarithms? I'm not talking about a logarithm with a fraction for a base. Fractional derivatives are basically taking a certain number \(n\) derivatives, where \(n\) is not an integer, of a certain function \(f(x)\) (An example would be \(\frac{1}{2}\) derivatives of \(\sqrt{x}\). This equals approximately 1.535348 for those who are wondering). What I am asking is is there a way to take, for example, a half a logarithm of something?


Thanks in advance and sorry if it seems confusing to you.

 Oct 22, 2018

So, I guess you are looking for some function called halfloga, say, defined in such a way that halfloga(halfloga(b))= loga(b).


I don’t know of any such (though that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist!)

 Oct 22, 2018
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