Isosceles triangle ABC has vertices at A(0, 0), B(8, 0), and C(x, 12). The value of x could be


A) 4

B) 6

C) 8

D) 12

E) 16




If the equation y = 4x + 2 is changed to y = 1/4x + 2, how will the graph of the line change?


A) It will become steeper.

B) It will become less steep.

C) It will shift down 4 units.

D) It will shift left 1/4 units.

E) The second line is perpendicular to the first line.





A city is planning to start construction of a new street. The new street will be named Elm street and is represented by the red dashed line in the diagram. Oak street, Maple street, and Cherry street are parallel to each other. If Elm street is constructed so that it is parallel to Oak, Maple, and Cherry, what will be the measure of angle 3?


A) 130°

B) 120°

C) 60°

D) 50°

E) 40°

 Nov 5, 2019

First one

Notice that the  x oordinate  for  C  must be    (0 + 8) /  2


Second one

The slope of both lines is positive  and the slope of the second line  is less than the first line......what's the answer   ????


Third one


The angle we are looking for is supplemental to 130°



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 Nov 5, 2019

2. Is it B


  The x part woukd be rise over run
Would be up 4 over one
1/4x would be up 1 over 4

macabresubwoofer  Nov 5, 2019
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Correct  !!!



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CPhill  Nov 5, 2019

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