It takes Darline 12 minutes to drive to work in light traffic. To come home, when there is heavy traffic, it takes her 27 minutes. Her speed in light traffic is 35 miles per hour faster than her speed in heavy traffic. Find her speed, in miles per hour, in light traffic and in heavy traffic.

 Feb 10, 2022

We can use the distance formula, or s = d/t.


s = d/12 (since the distance remains constant we can use it for the second equation too)

s - 35 = d/27


s = d/27 + 35

d/12 = d/27 + 35


I believe you can solve for d, and then plug that back into one of the original equations to get the value of s. The speed in light traffic is "s", and the speed in heavy traffic is "s-35".


Hope this helps. Let me know if I did anything wrong!

 Feb 10, 2022

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