Lucia decides to see which would be a better rate for charging customers based on the number of

animals they need to watch. She decides between the two options below:

Option A: $3 per animal and $3 initial charge for using services

Option B: There is an initial charge of $1, but the price triples per animal.

 Apr 17, 2020

Could you make the question clearer? Are we supposed to be finding when the options are equal to each other? Then I would be happy to help! :)

 Apr 17, 2020

What you have to do is make a graph of with the number of animals along the bottom and cost up the side.


there will be two straight line graphs. One for each scenario.  There will be a cross over point where they are both the same cost (probably a part of an animal)  But, for any given number of animals, the graph on the top will always be the dearer option. 


Now give it a go.  :)


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 Apr 17, 2020

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