Its Never Too Late To Laugh!



Well....it might be late to submit your homework but have you ever noticed its never too late to laugh after the scolding (something i never practice).....so 



Hello Everyone.....its Rosala here .......tellling you to lower your tension and chill down!



Honestly…I badly need a laugh myself……….i was just too put down by some jerk…..but anyways I really don’t care for him….nor if he exists…..if somebody told me he was dead id give them whatever theyd ask for….and if nobody did tell me…I’ll k**l him one day myself!


Now forget that and concentrate here!


so todays topic is


                                No Ground Under My Feet!


the reason for this is......you know......ill tell you in the end!





No ARGUMENTS on this one!






What can i say?











Best comic strip ive ever read...oops....seen!




i wish there was a GODZILLA in their place under my heals and i would pick those ehals up and show my servant GODZILLA to zegrose!HAHAHA



Trust me!ive been saved many times before ending up in someones lap!



I think id prefer to keep the spider!



And also when some you dont like says bad about you........just like how i am right now!




i believe it!




Boys have an out-standing brain!thats true isnt it?




So here i end it!



you know in my last trip which consisted of two marriages...in the second one....on the main day...when the bride was getting ready there was alot of chaos going on the room......food items coming in and going out to get the bride fed first...so...then my mom told me to ask someone to get water for everyone...then i went and i couldnt find anyone so i tried it myself....i picked the glasses and filled and took the tray...then started moving...the hall was very slippery and there was water on the stairs....there were 2 , 3 stairs...in a hurry carrying the water tray and wearing those heaving clothes...i just  slipped......i was like dreaming or what when i just went BOOM.....like a BAM...i just sat on the ground wit all my hardwork spread ont he ground ...luckily only one group was there who saw me....and i shyly went off...i had told this at least thrice to my mom who was dressing the bride after which she asked again "why did you get the water" i was like "what".....this ended me having tomato like cheeks...uhhh...falling...



luckily i wasnt wearing my best dress...the other day i wore that big heavy gown like pick dress......i needed my mom to wear it.....it was so heavy.....you know as my mom and i were entering the place all the women sitting saw us as if we were some jokers....they stared us...and i couldnt help putting my head down.....i was so shy,..i saw only my mom and i were wearing the most beautiful dresses.....more me!




on the marriage day i was wearing leaf like golden earring in which there were leaves placed in the shape of as if they were making christmas tree.they were in golden color so when I was on an eating stall…..a pair of girls who looked like a lot girly came ot me and said “are those earring of gold” and I was like no they are artificial….it was funny how they thought it!i told my mom and she said…whyd you say that why didn’t you agree….and I following the good things said “one lie is that father of many others” lol!



On the other day when I wore my best dress when we had to go to where the grooms family arranged a dinner I had to wear my very beautiful long shiny white bead earring….they were to give you an idea like artificial diamond…..they were soooo beautiful…..then when we were getting ready….one of them broke and I was soo gone crazy…i tried so much but couldn’t repair it so I had to wear the tiny earrings…I had also forgotten to wear my bangles that day which made me so angry……even my fake nails were getting off..id chopped them too much….so in all…in both the marriages…..i make a few or many “beauty” mistakes….in the first one my angry mood coz of which I didn’t wear any jewellery, no hairstyle just open long stupid hair no makeup..not even a gloss.and nothing….i was angry all the time…I donno why….and in the second one…..ya know!




So that was it…..my mood always spoils on day ive been waiting for!its so annoying even when I try to avoid it…..but I don’t understand why it never spoils when I sit to write this post……maybe coz many ideas fighting to be written down!or maybe its just when something has to happen , it happens!



So that was it…..some days ago id made two posts……it was about a game which made me sad very fast as I thought people seem to busy for it….maybe many children wh come here….havent got vacations…..not lying…it’s a very good game….just need some energy…..hope everyone gets vacations fast or just some free time…..i just think they don’t like it……maybe…..anyways……hope you all have a nice day…..sorry for this late post…..ill try to get regular and not be lazy……



I know how much you like?dont you….or am I speaking too much?lol



You know heres some thing more…..the exams I gave….one of them was german……..those exams were needed to be given to get into9th..its the past…anyways…it was the german exam and we all finished it very fast so nothing to do so this is what  I did on the question paper!LOL!dont we all do this!!common..im not alone…we all have don’t it…I wrote a poem in the back of my computer exam paper…and made designs too!LOL,…..youll see a design on my every question paper….except maths….ah…..i need more than enough time for it!


 This is 2014 , second semesters german paper….



 This is so funny when we show our talent on the back of an exam paper..ive got many talents there!


You know its so hot here……I have to have a bath twice a day….uhhh….its like as if lava b***s are raining form the sky in the afternoon…….i just stay in the cool house…..when by chance the AC goes off at night , it is the worst this in the world…..we don’t switch off the AC till after 6am….so the room stays cool till the whole day…..you know what?i HATE summers…..seriously…the two things I can do for the whole year is…..only study the subject English…..and only live in a cold place..no rain no heat nothing….i don’t like rain because when I was studying in Mussoorie,then there rian season was heavy and in the morning when we used to go to the sick bay…eww everywhere worms…and it felt so dirty if we stepped on any of them…..thats why I hate this season and also here….you see long long worms moving,……eee……but here they are there but not everywhere…..we bet on for which worm is the longest……one question,why do these dirty ewish worms exist? Now im not being discriminative but seriously…..they don’t even belong to the human category.any of you thinks I am…then just think of the pain of the girl who has to face them every year for on whole k*****g month!



Sorry to make you feel vomitish…but….



 So have a nice day!


And if somethings are bothering you...just look at these...i always read quotes...it makes me feel better and "upgrades" my mind!



Something i keep taking a dose of....bit by bit!




And if you want to end a day full of courage…have a hear to this!One of my favorite English songs…or maybe my most favorite English songs!






And if you want to have some awesome day ending…how about this!Im  big fan of Justin Beiber….some of his songs ,I can listen to atleats 10 times at once!






You know a new song has just come here……and in the song of of the most flexible Bollywood actor is dancing…hes so charming too ….in his early movie there was a song which was so famous…his so good at dancing…im brother is is big fan…..this time there was step and me and my brother tried it so much but we ended up laughing at eachother!lol!the movie hasn’t come…only the song is driving people crazy!



If you wanna know which steps we could do then you can see them in the video on the number  1:55 till 1:59 ……..that might not look hard but it Is very hard!










Want Some Light, Come To





rosala  May 31, 2015

Best Answer 


It is very good I like it it made me chuckle lol

DragonSlayer554  May 31, 2015
Best Answer

It is very good I like it it made me chuckle lol

DragonSlayer554  May 31, 2015

5 points as a welcome back ! DS

rosala  May 31, 2015

Same here!


I love those mini pictures, the bus one is jokes!

Same face here.

So many times the poles have saved me.

MathsGod1  May 31, 2015

that is the time when all the blessing of the bus driver come in use.....when we curse him so much!lol

rosala  May 31, 2015

Thanks Rosala,

Those dinasaur shoes are the BEST !!!

and that little dog looks just a tad guilty.  LOL  

Melody  May 31, 2015

The eggs are so cool...



Dbg4thebest  May 31, 2015

your welcome Melody.......i should say...these are the latest ones!

rosala  May 31, 2015

Thank u thank u

DragonSlayer554  May 31, 2015

and then she impressed the audience AGAIN

TitaniumRome  May 31, 2015

YEA!you see tin...the power lies in my HANDS!



having the peoples support is more important than making them crazy to fight!




rosala  Jun 1, 2015

For SPARTA!!!!

Dbg4thebest  Jun 1, 2015

my people are not loyal

they are royal

they all live in a world of both loyalty and reality

but thats nice to know that you can lead well

TitaniumRome  Jun 1, 2015

Good to hear that MrTin! But my people are away better!


they live for their leader! They can't take a bit of hurt to me! When I nail bite and I throw the bitten long nail to the ground then my chief appears and he says " my queen, everything of yours is important pls don't throw this precious nail to the harsh ground ! It shall be an honour for everyone to see in the national museum!"


see that! Yeah, that's also done for all my broken hair! 


rosala  Jun 2, 2015

its almost time to attack you...Rosala.I need a description of your base

you ran out of time attacking me...now I need to attack you before time runs out, unless if you can give me some of your most precious robotic stuff and some metal..oh, and fried chicken too plz

TitaniumRome  Jun 9, 2015

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