if i work 58 hours every week and get paid 25$ per hour how much would i get in 1 year excluding saturday and sunday im looking in to a blacksmithing carrer. It has been my dream since i was 6 (Im 17)

IsaiahLeGrand  May 4, 2017

Since you don't work on weekends, then your weekly earnings would be:

58 x $25 =$1,450 Your weekly earnings,

Since there are 52 weeks in 1 year, then:

$1,450 x 52 = $75,400 - You annual earnings.

Guest May 4, 2017

is that a bad salary?

IsaiahLeGrand  May 12, 2017

I dont want to smash your dreams, but i doubt blacksmith are employed nowadays. I mean, having to work in something you hate is just sad, but, you can always find a better hobby, i guess?

Guest May 12, 2017

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