Find the equation of the line passing through the points -2, -17 and 5, 11. Enter your answer in "y = mx+b" form.

Please do not give the answer. I am just stuck on how to start. Thanks!

 May 22, 2020

First:  use the slope formula to find the slope of the line that passes through those two points

          now, you know the value of m


Second:  use the equation:  y  =  mx + b

               put into the equation the x-value and the y-value of one of the points

                     as well as value for m

               solve this for b


Third:  you now have m and b

           put them into the equation:  y  =  mx + b

           you're done!

 May 22, 2020

If you don't want the answer and just hints means that you really want to learn. :)




The standard form of a linear equation is y = ax + b, but the a and b don't really matter, just placeboes.


The b is the y- intercept. It is the value of the y -cordinate where the line touches it.


The a, or m in this case, is the slope. Remember, Rise over run. You make a triangle with your line, and calculate it's height/length.


Graph your equation.


Graph the 2 points, and connect it into a line.


Then you can make the triangle and figure out slope, as well as the y - intercept.


If you do not know how to do one of these, feel free to ask, same with if you don't understand anything.

 May 22, 2020

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