The Green Goober, a wildly unpopular superhero, mixes 3 liters of yellow paint with 5 liters of blue paint to make 8 liters of special green paint for his costume. Write an equation that relates y, the amount of yellow paint in liters, and b, the amount of blue paint in liters, needed to make the Green Goober's special green paint.

What is the equation to this?

 Sep 21, 2022

The ratio of yellow paint to blue paint in the special green paint is 3:5. Each liter of special green paint is 3/8 yellow paint, and 5/8 blue paint. Thus if we set up our variables y and b respectively for yellow paint and blue paint, to make 'n' of Green Goober's special green paint, we will need 3ny/8 + 5nb/8 paint. 


3ny/8 + 5nb/8 = n where n is the amount of green goobers special green paint.

 Sep 26, 2022

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