In a campaign, two teams, A and B, collected some old books. 1/4 of the old books Team A collected was equal to 2/5 of the old books Team B collected. After Team B collected another 987 old books and Team A gave away 2073 old books, the two teams had the same number of old books left. How many old books had each team left in the end?

 Jun 1, 2023

A==Team A,   B==Team B


2/5B ==1/4A......................(1)

A - 2073 ==B +987............(2), solve for A, B


Use substitution to get:


A==8,160 books -Team A collected

B==5,100 books -Team B collected


8,160 - 2073 ==6,087 old books that Team A had left

5,100 + 987 == 6,087 old books that Team B had left.

 Jun 1, 2023

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