Finally , i could post a picture!!!


So hello everyone , how have you all been doing, i really wanted to post a long post with funny pics n stuff but just wanted to know whens convenient for you guys......so how have you all been doing people?

ive got lots to tell you, but, have you got the time?


See you soon....


rosala  Sep 16, 2017

Hi Rosala, it is great to see you again :)

Your pics are always welcome :)

Melody  Sep 16, 2017

Hey, rosala.....!!!


We always have time for your funny pictures and your stories!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 16, 2017

hey rosala, I've been probably the happiest I've ever been to say the least xD good to see Camelot isnt forgotten!! and yes i do have the time, so bring in the fun!!

hello to melody and cphill as well!!

TitaniumRome  Sep 22, 2017

Hey, TR.....good to see you......!!!!




cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 22, 2017

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