What is the area of BCD to the nearest tenth of a square centimeter? Use special right triangles to help find the height. Show your work.

My Answer:

Height: 8.66cm

Area: 21.7 cm^2

Please Show me how to get these answers.


Please Help Me!!! These are my last three questions on my homework and i dont understand them!!!

KennedyPape  Apr 16, 2018

Ths base is opposite the 30° angle

The height is opposite the 60°  angle  and  is √3 as long as the base =  5√3  units

So.....the area  = (1/2) base * height  =


(1/2) (5) *(5√3)  =


12.5√3  units^2   ≈  21.7 units^2


cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 16, 2018
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