I also remember asking someone nicely to help me but they were so rude about it and all i wanted was help and i know theres alot of smart people on the internet to help me through this


Forgot to add that another question was:   A.)The owner of the surf shop heard that surfboard rentals are predicted to double this year over last year explain why the increase might not be significant as it sounds 

B.)  The owner also heard that surfboard rentals tend to increase or decrease as popsicle sales increase or decrease the owner is fairly sure that the surfing doesn't make people crave Popsicles nor does eating popsicles make people want to surf,   What is the most likely lurking variable (i have to have an explaination of course)

 Apr 5, 2019
edited by Clouds  Apr 5, 2019

Percentages and factors are deceiving......   If there was only 1 or maybe 3  surfboard rentals last year......doubling that would still only be 2 or 6...not very many surf board rentals.


Maybe as the temperature goes up....or as the days get longer (in the summer)  ...or there are more tourists during a particular season, the popsicle consumption and surfboard rentals both go up !

 Apr 5, 2019

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