Note: I acknowledge and admire the posts by other various users before me to explain to other users how to use LaTeX documentation. This is only for those who have not read those posts, and is a basic overview.

How to use LaTeX:


Fractions: \frac{numerator}{denominator}


Roots: \sqrt[root]{number}

* Note: If there is no brackets or root input, 2 will act as the default.


Arrows: \(directions, if both type leftright)arrow

* Note: Making the first letter capital will give the arrow 2 shafts.


Brackets, such as absolute value bars, [ and ], { and }, and ( and ):

\left (opening version of bracket)

  • For the opening version of that bracket

\right (closing version of bracket)

  • For closing version of bracket

Division sign: \div


Multiplication sign: \times


Plus-minus sign: \pm


Limit notation: \lim_{x\rightarrow (number)}


Sum sign (sigma): \sum


Greek letters: \(letter name)

* Note: Making the first letter in the name capital will make the greek letter capital


Modulo notation (a) \bmod (b)


Subscript: _{(Stuff to be subscripted)}


Superscript/power: ^{(Stuff to be superscripted)}


Ellipse (...): \dots


Infinity: \infty


Sorry about the post being so long, it was the only way I could think to include most of the basics. The rest can be found at https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Mathematics

helperid1839321  May 4, 2017

Thanks, helperid   !!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  May 4, 2017

You did the similar things as I did :P



That's what I did :P used like 2 hours to post those 2 posts.

MaxWong  May 4, 2017

Thanks! (Have you tried using hex color codes or, minecraft color values or RGB color codes? Those might work.)

helperid1839321  May 5, 2017

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