Peppr the lizard needs to pick a tiny plant for his soon to be mate, and is not sure which one to pick. there are three plants; one is 1/9 an inch, another is 2/10, and the last is 1/3. Now, there is one problem, Pepper only knows centimeters, what are each of these numbers in centimeters?  Which is the biggest plant, still in centimeters?

MysticalJaycat  Feb 22, 2017

There are 2.54 centimeters in one inch...


1/9 (2.54)  ≈ .282 cm


2/10  =  1/5(2.54)  = .508 cm


1/3 (2.54)  = .846 cm


The last plant is the largest



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 22, 2017

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