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A plane flies 830 miles from Franklin to Centerville with a bearing of 75°. Then it flies 684 miles from Centerville to Rosemount with a bearing of 32°. Draw a figure that visually represents the situation, and find the straight-line distance and bearing (from N) from Franklin to Rosemount. (Round your answers to one decimal place.)


I found the distance between Franklin and Rosemount which was 1409.7m

I can't find the bearing. 

 Dec 6, 2018

I got the same answer for distance.


Now use the law of cosines AGAIN to find the angle of the resultant (to which you will have to add 32)


830^2 = 684^2 + 1409.67^2 - 2(684*1409.67) cos c


solve for c   then add  32 degrees   to get 55.7 degrees

 Dec 6, 2018

Thank you 

Ruublrr  Dec 6, 2018

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