in 1970, the elevation of the dead sea between Jordan and Israel was -1296 feet above sea level. since then, the elevation dropped about 2 1/2 feet each year. How many years, y, did it take for dead sea to reach an elevation of -1371 feet above sea level?( show the equation you used to solve)

 May 18, 2017


Here's the equation we need :


y  =  -1296  - 2.5x       where x is the number of years after 1970  and y is the elevation at any point in time


To   find out  how many years it took to reach an elevation of - 1371 feet, we have


-1371   =  - 1296  - 2.5x       add 1296 to both sides


-75   =  - 2.5x                    divide both sides by -2.5


30   =  x      i.e., 30 years after 1970   =  2000



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 May 18, 2017

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