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Let f(x)=x^2-23. Write the correct response.


a. For what values of x is f (x)=13?



b. Using an opposite, explain why f is an even function



c. Name the vertex of the parabola defined by function f



d. Determine the domain and range of function f

 Feb 20, 2019

a   13 = x^2-23

    36 = x^2

     x = +6 and -6


b "Even Function. A function with a graph that is symmetric with respect to the y-axis. A function is even if and only if f(–x) = f(x)"

        Let's try   6  and -6   (which we already found  both equate to 13....so it is even)


c  -b/2a  is the x value of the vertex point    0/-2 = 0   

       to find y   sub x=0 into the equation  = -23                        Vertex = (0,-23)


d  Domain is all  x       (-inf , + inf)

          range is    all y >= -23              [-23, +inf)

 Feb 20, 2019

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