Hello everyone,


how are you all? out here , this is the festive month or in other the holiday month for children , we've got so many holidays!Today was a festival , tomorrow is a festival and day before yesterday was a special day!and many more festivals coming up in this month!


so full fun month!isnt it?'


anyways lets have a nice laugh!


Nothing except.......you just need to have brains to live long!


Do you do this?


Nice logic!


Okay!the everytime famous Mr.Bean will im sure burst you laughing!


Yes!thats true!


yes i agree again!


Seriously!some teachers ARE like that!


yes!i feel sometimes as if centuries have passed !

No , dont eat it , or the teacher will eat me!lol!


wow!hats off to who so ever made this!



So thats the best picture of the day!i really liked this!


so that was it!i hope u all have liked me post!


And.........just for if someone's interested....i thought to post thwe lick to my last post for if maybe people r interested!




umm!i have this question i always wonder the answer of ...but never get it....i hope maybe someone can help me....hmmmm




So that was all!


And congracts to my dear friend DragonSlayer .....you're just in the place of your wish!and i would also like to Thank him becoz i see when ever he is there ..the forum looks really interesting so thank you , we are glad to have such a cheerful user!


And also i'd like o welcome our old friend Aziz Husain!he was gone for long as due to his busy college life but now he has visited us today!so i am so glad to see you Aziz and Welcome Back!


have a nice weekend all of you!




rosala  Oct 3, 2014

Thanks for those laughs, rosala......the "speed limit" sign was great....also " the hard homework" with the dog  !!!!!


CPhill  Oct 3, 2014

Hi, Rosala! Thanks! Glad to see you and everyone else again, too! 


As always, lots of comical images! The education one stood out to me...reminds me of the education system here...it really does need modification...


The last image reminds me of women and STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). That is a powerful quote!!!


Thanks again!!

AzizHusain  Oct 3, 2014

Your Welcome CPhill and Aziz!im glad you both liked it all!


rosala  Oct 4, 2014

Thank you Rosala.  We all love your laughs.  I like the guy painting the ceiling and the dog offering to eat the homework best.   :)

Melody  Oct 5, 2014

your Welcome Melody!even i liked the ceiling one , and also the cat one...!


rosala  Oct 5, 2014

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