Hi everyone

Today , ive come o end your and my day with a luagh!(nothing new in that)!

So lets get started !!!!

Here are some ...............(you know what) for you all!

I will only listen to my real mom!You undestand!!!!

just let m have my last one!

Sad but yummy story!(for the cat)!

oh god!how do i slide now!im fat!

Dont worry!We both are good friends!

Good idea!

Equality in kids!!!

Poor dog!coudnt see the truth!

A letter telling the truth!!!

Lets not let the children study!!haha!

High tempered kid!oopss!bady!

I dont wanna say that!But thats the truth!

Oh god!What do i do!!

Oh sad!The world cant provide me enough coffee!


Unique solution!!!

I'm soooo adorable!

i'm soo powerful!hahaha!


So that was it!

Hope you all liked it!

And hope it ended your day with a laugh!

So keep smiling!its good for health!

rosala  Jul 23, 2014

Best Answer 


Yes, welcome to the forum Sasini. I hope that you enjoy yourself here 

Melody  Jul 25, 2014

Great Rosala,

I like the "Human Organ for Transplant" one the best.  I haven't seen one like that before.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

Melody  Jul 24, 2014

Yeah...that Human Organ one is the best.........



CPhill  Jul 24, 2014

Thank you both of you for liking my post!

i too found this one really new kind !i had never seen someone using this trick!maybe it can help!

rosala  Jul 24, 2014

That's a really funny talk. I'm laufing a lot Rosala

Sasini  Jul 24, 2014

Thank you Sasini for liking my post!

i see uve just joined , Welcome to the site Sasini , we hope u learn as well as have lots of fun out here!Welcome!

rosala  Jul 24, 2014
Best Answer

Yes, welcome to the forum Sasini. I hope that you enjoy yourself here 

Melody  Jul 25, 2014

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