Hi everyone!

its been a long time since i havent been visible on the forum!Anyways , now im back so it wont be boring anymore!im happy i got healed on the right time and could save the ship from sinking!lol!i'll tell u the reason for not being on the forum after these laughs that are hopping to be posted!

Soo here we go!

Sorry!but dont block my view!

Thats not fair!

Todays generation!and clever parents!

Dad ! save me!

You shall be safe under me!

Sorry everyone, but i just found this very funny so just wanted to share!ive got another one too!

Poor owl!

i know that trick but .....................it doesnt work for a lot of homework!sad!!

A bit logical joke!

Want some!

Cartoons also have age!

Nice avatar!

Ummm!somehow thats true!

Seriously?i just cant believe my eyes

Please , i dont wanna die so soon!

i think they just have...........................gone mad of playing football!

Thats normal bro....................all kids show anger to their parents when they are born!

Please have some mercy!

Eat my luch..................anyhow your still going to be my dinner though!

Unfortunately............thats........................... true!


Hope you all have gone like this!



Umm you know i was really getting bored the past days!i'm sure you all know how it feels to just stay in bed the whole day!Actually i was was having high fever and cold and cough and all that stuff so my mom wasnt even alowing me to step out of bed!I dont know why but though its summers i was feeling chilling cold and it was really hard to handle it just after some time i would get a bad head ache !And i have always hated eating that whole lot of pills!

But those pills help me get well and save the ship so i'd thank them!Most of the time i was just feeling cold , having a head ache and just didnt even wanted to talk to someone!it was all very bad going on ...................

But now im fine so i can continue everything nicely!

Hope you all have liked the laughs!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

And as usual i'll show you the best thing i found!

So what color am i getting?!


Hope you have liked it all!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


(thats Dutch! .....and Enjoy! as well!)


rosala  Aug 9, 2014

We all give you "blue,"  rosala.......glad you feel better...nothing worse than being in bed and feeling bad!!

I love the last picure... I had a Chemistry teacher like that, once.....a really nice lady, but "lunch" time didn't mean a thing to her. She even used to keep talking after the bell to change classes rang!!!



CPhill  Aug 9, 2014

Thank you CPhill!blue from me as well for u all!

And even some teachers in my school also are like that , if a lesson reading or dictating or copying from the board is going on then the first sentence of the teacher is after the lunch bell " Just sit down , no one will move"!and once we had to miss half of our lunch time becoz of this!

everyone was really mad at the teacher but as we all know....................their is an automatic zip in the mouth that just zips itself on seeing the teacher!

Anyways im happy you liked the pic!

have a nice weekend CPhill!

rosala  Aug 9, 2014

I'm giving you a blue too!

I'm sorry you have been ill and I am very glad that you are back!

There are lots of good ones in there but 'Good Night is definitely my favourite! 

I just set it as my desktop background lol.

I like the moose one 2nd best.     

Melody  Aug 9, 2014

u get green and white heart from anonomous. ewe

Guest Aug 9, 2014

Im happy Melody you liked them!im sure your gonna laugh when every you open your computer!

Have a nice weekend!

rosala  Aug 9, 2014

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