Hello Everybody,


How are you all?(ah my same question)You know what?On 5th was  my heritage walk, a walk to historical places!So this time it was amazing!i took a lot of pictures!so i thought to share some of them with you all!Dont worry the funny pics are also in the line!


This is of the temple we had gone in, its a historical temple named Jain temple!It was sooooo cool , tho not so pleasing from outside but from inside it was amazing , so big and with such beautiful archietecture!they told us not to pic the inside but who listened to them, im a good spy(i just came to know) so i took of the inside too!but only two pics!


This is of the inside!i know not so neat but not my fault every one was staring!


Great isnt it!



This is a picture in the bird hospital that runs on charity in the temple!there were so many birds in that hospital all too chubby!i think they mus make the birds do some exercise too!


One of the birds!i only pictured the ones that were nique and most beautiful!


the temple pic!



Out side view!


These are all old buliding!as you walk through Chandni Chowk you'll see all of 'em!


ow this is a differet place!The Shish Gank Gurudwara!a place of Sikh worship!


This is a mosque(sorry i don remeber the name) in front of the gurudwara!


In its corridor!


The gate as you enter tha main part!


Sorry i couldnt spy here!so no in pics!but u know all inside was superb!soo bif!and all so beautiful and delicate!so shiny too!i wih i could take a pic!


And now the leftover pics that i clicked while we walked!


Oh i forgot we also went to the Ghalib Ki Haveli or in English umm we  would say Galib's Villa , it actually a museum which was a house to a famous poet names Ghalib!


This is the picture of an Emperer!


The roof!


Ghalibs structure!along with his poem books!


A closer look!


The outside board!i think i didnt leave anything to be pictured!lol!


I clicked this when we were on the walk!isnt it great!



This is a picture of the Red Fort clicked by me!i id some editing too to make it look gorgeous!


walls of the fort!

The gate!



So that was all!Trsut me all these pictures , you might this "ah its just something smple" but when you will see them in real life , you will just stare with your eyes wide open!just imagine!it all so wonderful becoz pictures dont show all!

So now something you all will definitely like!the funnny pics!


I can read it!can you?


Yes it really is like this!



Then that means all of s are so good at sleeping!


This is the future!


Sorry my friend and i arent so "evil"!


Wow!a new truth!!poor stu!

So that was all of the "funny pics"!

i have somehing for some people!

So how many boys are going to set this dashing guy as their profile pic!i bet dragon would have used this if he was here!or Zegroes too!not sure!there both the fans!


So that was all of my laugh!

Hope you have enjoyed it!


Have a nice week all of you!


rosala  Dec 8, 2014

Best Answer 


Yes Melody it was a pidgeon!but other birds were really cute and beautiful like parrots etc!

rosala  Dec 9, 2014

Thank you for all of this. The pics of your walk looks cool and fun. Hope you loved it. 

Tiddle  Dec 8, 2014

ofcourse i loved it!i was feeling as a photographer,clicking pictures everywhere!and thank you!


rosala  Dec 8, 2014




Those pics are neat, rosala.....your country has some very interesting architecture......(P.S.......have you been reading Rudyard Kipling's book "Kim??"....it tells of a British orphan living in India during the period of the "Great Game"  who is trained as a "spy"........I thought you may have picked up a few pointers.....LOL!!!)


Forgetting that my headphones are on my head and plugged into my laptop......it happens daily to me !!!!!!



CPhill  Dec 8, 2014

Good pics!  Onions make you cry!  So do coconuts!

happy7  Dec 8, 2014

yeah!and so do footballs!lol!my palm has experienced!

rosala  Dec 8, 2014

lol CPhill!thats really funny!and sorry i havent even heard of "kim' im sure it might be intereesting!i'll search for it!Thanks!


rosala  Dec 8, 2014

Thanks Rosala,

But that bird looked like a pidgeon LOL

Melody  Dec 9, 2014
Best Answer

Yes Melody it was a pidgeon!but other birds were really cute and beautiful like parrots etc!

rosala  Dec 9, 2014

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