Id like to thank the people who helped a bit on the last question, which is why i am here again ;-;. The teacher has it differently, and im so confused.  The full question is this-  They were not very clear on how to do this, and ive been sick lately so i have no idea what the constraint does at all. 

  1. A company makes a profit of $2 per software program and $3 per video game. The company can produce at most 40 software programs and at most 15 video games per week. Total production cannot exceed 48 items per week. How many items of each kind should be produced per week in order to maximize the profit?

Use linear programming to solve. Show all your work.


HERE are some steps that will help you answer this problem and get a good grade:

  x = the number of Software programs produced.

Now define what y = like I defined what x = above:

   y= _Per video game ________________________________________

write the constraint on x:

  x ___________________________

write the constraint on y:

  y __________________________

write a relationship inequality related to the production total for both x and y with x and y in the inequality equation:



Now take the above 3 inequality equations into desmos.com and graph the result, copy your resulting graph here:


Now test the points you find by plugging in the (x,y) pair, to see which produces the greatest profit, take the (x,y) pair from your graph.

 Mar 2, 2021

well... uh... I only understood the first part of it... so yeah... I got $\boxed{111}$

 Mar 2, 2021

constraint on x is max  40 production


constraint on y is max production 15 units        need more ?

 Mar 2, 2021

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