4 turtles took part in a 100-m race. Below were their replies when their friends checked up on how each of them was doing.


Fanfo: I was in neither the second place nor the last one to complete the race.

Momo: I was the best!
Round neck: I was beaten by none.
Long tail: I was faster than Momo.


One of the turtles did not tell the truth. Reveal the results to their friends.

 Apr 16, 2021

Fanfo was in third. If Long tail was telling the truth then Momo would be lying. If Momo won two turtles would have been lying. If round neck was not lying then he won, Long tail got 2nd, Fanfo got 3rd, and Momo got last and he was the only one lying.

 Apr 16, 2021

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