Aaron works two times as fast as Michael. Aaron can finish a job in 1 hour. If Aaron and Michael are working together, how long will it take them to finish the job?

 Apr 23, 2021

Here is my answer, based on what I see in the question:


Because Aaron works two times as fast as Michael, and he can finish a job in 1 hour, it stands to reason that if they were both working at the same pace, they would finish it in 30 minutes.


But, that isn't the question. The question states that Michael works 2 times slower than Aaron, so if only Aaron were working than it would take 1 hour and if both were working (but at the same pace) it would take 30 minutes.


Therefore, we have to choose the number in the middle, because we need to acknowledge the fact that Michael works 2 times slower.


Because of this, my answer would be 45 minutes.



Hope this helps :)

 Apr 23, 2021

So 2/3

Abcyacomga  Apr 23, 2021

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