Hi goooood people!!!!..hello Melody!!!..gosh, it's really been almost 3 years since I've been on this site!..hope you guys are all well. glad to see th site is still running!!


please help me with this little problem. Make "t" the subject of   S=P(1+rt) 


Now i have done the manipulations and ended up with \(t={{S \over P}-1\over r}\)


Now, this problem is a multiple choice problem, and they give 4 choices....I cannot for the life of me, manipulate the above to get any of the four...this is where i need your help, please. the choices are this:


1) \(t={S\over r}-{P\over r}\)

2) \(t = {P\over Sr}-{1\over r}\)

3) \(t={S\over r}-{P\over r}-{1\over R}\)

4) \(t = {S\over Pr}-{1\over r}\)


which one is it?...thank you all for your help!!

juriemagic  Aug 29, 2017

Hi Juriemagic,

It is good to see you again :)


what you have done is correct but you would neer leave it like that :)



\(S=P(1+rt) \\ t=(\frac{S}{P}-1)\div r \\ t=(\frac{S}{P}-1)\times \frac{1}{r} \\ t= \frac{1}{r}(\frac{S}{P}-1)\\ t= \frac{S}{Pr}-\frac{1}{r}\\ \)

Melody  Aug 29, 2017

AAWWWWW my goodness!!...hahaha,


gosh!!!...man!!!....i'm sitting here crying with laughter...Melody!!..thank you very very much!..you are great!!

juriemagic  Aug 29, 2017

What so funny ?? 

Melody  Aug 29, 2017

Hi Melody,


please forgive me if it sounded like I was being childish or..you know, whatever.. i did not mean to laugh at you, i was laughing at myself for not having been able to see the devision could be turned upside down. This is something anyone who has been tutoring maths for some time now, should know, and it should just be in one's face, so to speak...


thank you for teaching me that..once again!!!..have a great day..

juriemagic  Aug 30, 2017

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