Bradley cut a square hole out of a block of wood in wood shop. If the block was cube-shaped with side lengths of 11 inches, and the hole had side lengths of 4 inches, how much wood was left after the hole was cut out?

Note: Figure is not drawn to scale.


1,155 cubic inches


1,267 cubic inches


1,243 cubic inches


1,331 cubic inches

 Mar 10, 2023
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The volume of the cube-shaped block of wood is given by:

V1 = (side length)^3
V1 = (11 in)^3
V1 = 1331 cubic inches

The volume of the square hole cut out of the block of wood is given by:

V2 = (side length)^2 * depth
V2 = (4 in)^2 * 11 in
V2 = 176 cubic inches

To find the volume of the remaining wood, we can subtract the volume of the hole from the volume of the original block:

V3 = V1 - V2
V3 = 1331 cubic inches - 176 cubic inches

V3 = 1155 cubic inches

Therefore, there are 1155 cubic inches of wood left after the hole is cut out.

 Mar 10, 2023

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