please find the distance between the two numbers on a number line 



-2 1/2  and  -5 3/4

Nerd123  Oct 5, 2017

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To find the distance of two numbers on the number line, simply subtract the 2 numbers.


\(-2\frac{1}{2}-(-5\frac{3}{4})\) Subtracting a negative is equivalent to adding a positive.
\(-2\frac{1}{2}+5\frac{3}{4}\) Now convert each fraction to an improper fraction. Doing this is the first step to allow us to calculate the distance.
\(-2\frac{1}{2}=-\frac{2*2+1}{2}=\frac{-5}{2}\) Now, convert the other fraction to an improper fraction.
\(5\frac{3}{4}=\frac{4*5+3}{4}=\frac{23}{4}\) Now, reinsert these improper fraction back into the expression.
\(\frac{-5}{2}+\frac{23}{4}\) In order to add these fractions, we must create a common denominator. Multiply the first fraction by 2/2 to achieve this.
\(\frac{-10}{4}+\frac{23}{4}\) Now, add the fractions together.
\(\frac{13}{4}=3.25\) This is the distance in between the two numbers on the number line.
TheXSquaredFactor  Oct 5, 2017

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