Mary  and her brother John collect coins. Mary has three times more than John.  Together they have 120 coins. How many more coins does Mary have?


I must turn this into an equation. But instead of turning this into an equation for my answer, can I just figure out 75% of 120?so my answer will be 90.

jlesc  Jun 27, 2018

Let  x  be the number of coins collected by  John

And  Mary  has three times  as many  = 3x




x  +  3x  =  120

4x  = 120       divide both sides by 4

x  = 30


So...Mary  has   3x  =  3 (30)   = 90 coins



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 27, 2018

Thank you!! smiley

jlesc  Jun 27, 2018

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