what is 1/4 to the power of 4 using exponents?


Write −(1/4⋅1/4⋅1/4⋅1/4) using exponents.

 Apr 17, 2023


We already know that exponents mean you multiply the same number by itself. With fractions, the typical strategy is this:


When the


numerator = n,


denominator = d,


and the 


exponent = x,


\( (n/d) ^x =(n ^x/d ^x)\)


Therefore, if we plug 1 in for n and 4 in for d with 4 as x, the equation becomes


\(1 ^4/4 ^4\)


We know that 1 to any power is itself, so we can simplify to


\(1/4 ^4\)


Now we can easily do 4 to the power of 4 in our heads, or you could plug it in a calculator if you'd like.




Knowing this, the equation becomes




To answer the full question (Write −(1/4⋅1/4⋅1/4⋅1/4) using exponents), all we have to do is put 1/256 inside the bracket, as we have evaluated what 1/4 to the power of 4 is, and simply place a negative sign next to it!




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 Apr 17, 2023
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