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   Mrs. Solar receives the time estimates from each contractor. She wants to have the work done within 5 wk (200 work-hours) of when the work is started, and the sooner the better. She also wants to get a good deal.

(a)   Contractor 1's time estimate: 210 h

What is Contractor 1's total cost?

(b)   Contractor 2's time estimate: 195 h

What is Contractor 2's total cost?

(c)   Contractor 3's time estimate: 185 h

What is Contractor 3's total cost?

(d)   Which contractor should Mrs. Solar choose?

Explain your reasoning.

 Oct 25, 2018

Hey, you have not given the charge rate per hour of contract 1 and 2. Unable to solve due to incomplete information.

 Oct 25, 2018




(d) I think Mrs. Solar should choose contractor should choose contractor 3. beacuse contractor finish the work faster.

Mrs. Solar can eliminate contractor 1,beacuese Contractor 1's time estimate is 210 h which larger than Mrs. Solar expected.

However,the appropriate answer is Mrs. Solar should choose contractor 2 beacuse contractor 2's rate of charge 10875/195 is less than contractor 3's rate of charge 60.

 Oct 25, 2018

How did you get those answers Fiora?  there is no hourly rate given .... indecision

Melody  Oct 26, 2018

mrs. straw wants to divide 222 by 7 how meney should she get 

 Oct 25, 2018

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