The cylinder and the sphere have the same radius and the same volume. What is the height of the cylinder?



The radius of the cylinder is 6 meters what is the height?


 Volume of (sphere) = 4/3*3.14*63

Nerd123  May 31, 2017

volume of sphere = volume of cylinder


\(\frac43\,*\,\pi\,*\,6^3=\pi\,*\,6^2\,*\,h \\~\\ \frac43\pi\,*\,216=36\pi\,*\,h \\~\\ 288\pi=36\pi\,*\,h \\~\\ \frac{288\pi}{36\pi}=h \\~\\ 8\,\text{meters}=h\)

hectictar  May 31, 2017

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