at a hardware store, nikki bought ten hammers for 3 cents each . how much did she spend ? and I need help to solve this pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Feb 22, 2017

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She bought 10 hammers for 3 cents each.

Think about this. If she bought only one hammer for 3 cents, how much did that cost?

Obviously it cost 3 cents.

Now if she bought two hammers, how much would that cost?

The first was 3 cents. The second was 3 cents. So it cost her 3+3 = 6 cents total.


3 + 3 is the same thing as saying 2 x 3.


So if you can figure it out for two hammers, you can figure it out for ten hammers or a hundred hammers. :)

hectictar  Feb 22, 2017

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