Zander, Ailey and Liz are partners in a babysitting business. Zander and Ailey, the elder two, charge 7/4 times as much as Liz, the youngest. Each of the partners in the business puts 8% of their earnings into the business for expenses. Last week, Ailey worked 2 hours and earned 47.00 before putting any money into the business. Zander worked 3 hours and Liz worked 10 hours. How much money went into the business last week? Express your answer in dollars to the nearest cent.

 Jul 8, 2022

Liz's babysitting rate is common to both Zander and Ailey. If we assign her charge as \(x\) we can represent both Zander and Ailey's rates as \(\frac{7}{4}x\). We know that Ailey worked \(2\) hours to earn \(47\) dollars. Do you think we can find \(x\), which is Liz's rate now? After that, can you find Zander and Ailey's rates?


You should be able to solve the problem now. 

 Jul 8, 2022

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