Sketch two complete cycles of the sinusoidal function described in the scenario.The temperature of a liquid varies sinusoidally as it is heated and then cooled repeatedly during anexperiment. The temperature of the liquid is initially 12°C. The liquid is heated and reaches its first maximumtemperature of 18°C after 2 minutes. The liquid is then placed in an ice bath and cooled to its minimumtemperature.

 Apr 21, 2022

There is not enough infomation here.

A suppose you are supped to assume that it starts at is mean temperature.


So it starts in the middle which is 12 degrees  at time 0 minutes

it goes up to 18 degrees in 2 minutes.

At 4 minutes it will be back to its centre line

At 6 minutes it will be at its minimum (which is the same distance from the centreline as the max is)

At 8 minutes it will be back to the centre and so on.


You can draw it.

 Apr 23, 2022

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