A store is to be built on a rectangular lot that measures 70 m by 45 m. A lawn of uniform width, equal to the area of the store, must surround it.
a) How wide is the strip of lawn?
b) What are the length and width of the store?

Julius  Apr 4, 2017



Since the area of the lawn = area of the store.... the area of the store must occupy 1/2 of the lot = (1/2)(70 * 45)  = 1575m^2


So....let x  be the width of the walk...so  the area of the store can be represented by


(70 - 2x) (45 - 2x)  = 1575


Solving this for x we have that x ≈ 7.9459 m  = the width of the walk


The dimesions of the store are :


70 - 2(7.9459) = 54.1082 m


45 -2(7.9459)  = 29.1082 m


So the dimensions of the store are   54.1082m x 29.1082m



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 4, 2017

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