Hello. My name is (blank). I hate math very much. Do you?

Guest May 25, 2017

Can I ask, why do you people like math? It's hard.

Guest May 25, 2017

I know it's easy sometimes and fun, but it's kinda hard and I really just get the answers wrong all the time. I even had to get help from my teacher. That also didn't work.

Guest May 25, 2017

Math problems are like puzzles, and it is kind of fun to figure out the puzzles!


And, the funny thing about math is that it all starts with simple things that just get piled on top of each other until it becomes complicated. But..ultimately it all boils down to simple things.  smiley


If you don't understand your teacher's way of explaining....maybe someone on here could help? :)

hectictar  May 25, 2017

Math is the best thing on Earth!

AsadRehman  May 25, 2017

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