A guy wire is a cable used to restrain objects from moving. They are used to support towers or poles.

A guy wire is attached to a cell tower. The 60-foot long guy wire is attached to a tower such that the angle formed by the ground and the wire measures 36°. The guy wire is replaced by a guy wire 110 feet long. The point at which the new guy wire attaches to the tower is the same as it was with the original wire.

What is the approximate measure of the angle formed by this new guy wire and the ground?

 Feb 22, 2020

To find how high up the tower the guy wire is attached, use sine.

    sin(36o)  =  x / 60

                x  =  60 · sin(36o)

                x  =  35.27 ft


To find the new angle, use inverse sine.

    sin(xo)  =  32.57 / 110

           xo  =  sin-1( 32.57/110)

           xo  =  17.2o

 Feb 22, 2020

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