find the height of a vertical cliff if the angle of elevation is 25 degersto the top from a point ehich is 235m from the base of the cliff

Guest Jun 19, 2017

It is a trig question. 

Draw the triangle

Put 25 degrees and 235m in the correct places.

Call the height y      (h for height could be confused with hypotenuse)

Mark the opp, adj and hyp sides

Choose the correct trig function and solve.


If you have specific problems then explain what they are.



Oh and do not double post just cause you do not get an immediate answer!!

Melody  Jun 19, 2017



We know an angle, an adjacent side, and we're looking for the opposite side.....so the tangent seems appropriate....and we have


tan (25)  = opp/ 235   multiply both sides by 235


235 * tan (25)  = opp  =  height  of cliff  ≈ 109.6 m



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 19, 2017

I like my answer better Chris. 

If the person needed more help I invited them to ask.

The person didn't ask so they must have been happy with my directions. :)

Melody  Jun 19, 2017

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