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1.     Identify whether each statement about a system of linear equations is true or false. For each false statement, change a word to make it a true statement.

(a)   A system with two linear equations may have two solutions.

(b)   Lines in a system with no solutions are always parallel.

(c)   The solution when a system of equations has only one solution is the ordered pair at which the equations' graphs intersect.

(d)   Equations that have different slopes have no solution.

 Nov 10, 2018

a) Wording is tricky here.  A 2 equation system may have 0, 1, or infinite solutions.  If infinite solutions it certainly has 2 solutions.  I guess I'd go with false and change "two" to "one".


b) in 2 dimensions True, in 3 or more dimensions False and add "or skew" after the word parallel


c) True


d) False, change "no" to "one"

 Nov 10, 2018

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