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There are 100,000 people evenly distributed over 100 places.

What is the likelihood that 2 specific people are in the same place?

 Feb 9, 2019

I will give this a go!

So you have 100 groups of 1,000 people each.

Let us designate the two persons "A" and "B".

"A" can be in any of the 100 groups, or 100/100.

The probability that "B" will be in a different group than "A" is 99/100.

So, the probability that "A" and "B" will be in different groups is: 100/100 x 99/100 =99%.

Therefore, the probability that they will be in the same group is: 1 - 99% =1%

 Feb 9, 2019
edited by Guest  Feb 9, 2019

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