The side of a square measures (4x − 7) units. 

Part A: What is the expression that represents the area of the square? Show your work to receive full credit. (4 points) 

Part B: What are the degree and classification of the expression obtained in Part A?


Part C: How does Part A demonstrate the closure property for polynomials? 


I know what the answers are, but still need a little more guidance.  

quilly  Apr 2, 2018

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(a) (4x-7)(4x-7)=16x^2-28x-28x+49

tertre  Apr 2, 2018

A)  The area  is just  (4x - 7)  (4x - 7)  =  16x^2 - 56x  + 49


B)  We have a polynomial of degree 2   (a quadratic)


C)  Polynomials are "closed"  under multiplication because  any two (or more) polynomials multiplied together always produces another polynomial


("Closure"  means that any operation(s) done on like objects always produces another like object  )




cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 2, 2018

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