The Smithson family is going to visit family in California for spring break. They plan to spend 1/3 of their time fishing, 1/4 of their time swimming. 1/4 of their time just relaxing, and the rest of their time at an amusement park. Approximately what fraction of time will the Smithson family spend at the amusement park?

What percentage of time will the Smithson family spend doing water sports? Round to the nearest whole number.

If the Smithson family wanted to spend 50% of their time relaxing, which activity or activities should they give up? List all possible choices and/or combinations, including those that would allow for nearly 50% relaxation.

 Feb 18, 2022

\(1 - ({1 \over3}+{1\over4}+{1 \over4})\)


This equation leads you to the answer. If you still can't find it, use a calculator and evaluate the expression. 


To get the percentage, multiply your answer by 100. 


For the third question, they should give up swimming. 

 Feb 19, 2022

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