Rahman Bah & Diallo LLC is building the base of a circular fountain for the new Ember Campus. On the blueprint, the base of the fountain has a diameter of 18 centimeters. The blueprint has a scale of three centimeters to four feet. What will be the actual area of the base of the fountain, in square feet, after it is built? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a square foot.

 Oct 31, 2017

Will do the scale first:

18/3 x 4 = 24 feet - diameter of the base of the fountain.

24 /2 = 12 feet - the radius of the base of the fountain.

Area of circle =r^2 x Pi, where r =radius

Area =12^2 x 3.141592

Area =452.4 Square feet - the actual area of the base of the fountain.

 Oct 31, 2017

3 cm  :  4 feet




18 cm  :  24 feet


So...the actual area  is


pi (24/2)^2  =  144 pi ft^2   ≈  452.4  ft^2



cool cool cool

 Oct 31, 2017

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