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What would the world be like without math? 

 Aug 25, 2017

We wouldn't be able to build anything; know which item at the store is cheaper than the other; measure the right amount of ingredients for anything you cook; technology wouldn't exist; we wouldn't be able to learn Math, Physics, or Chemistry in school; banking sectors, engineers, and architects would be unemployed; math professors on this planet would be sitting at home, thinking of something else to do in life.


That's what the world would be like without math.

 Aug 25, 2017

Math is a basic necessity. Envisioning a world without it is downright unfeasible. 


There would be no clock or calendar. Therefore, any event that occurs on a schedule is impossible; there is no way to keep track of the time that passed or time in the future. 


Currency would be nonexistent. It only has value if the people accept its worth. But without math, currency would be worthless and useless.


All buildings would collapse, as they are governed by strict mathematical rules.


Technology as a whole would vanish for eternity. 


The world without math couldn't exist.

 Aug 25, 2017

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