Melody thought it'll be a great idea to give a review on this web site and so did I. I forgot to do this so I'm very late. I haven't spent a lot of time on this website, but I do know for sure it's very good.


So the website is completely free, requires a username, password and Email. Similarly to this site, it runs on points or merits (on Mathopolis). Unlike, this website though you can not communicate as we do here.


There are two main titles: there are games and math questions. 

I really enjoy the games because it's meant just to improve not just your math knowledge but mental and each time you can improve and earn merits. There are several games inside with different modes.


  • Space (Measurement and Geometry)
  • Numbers (whole number, decimal and fraction)
  • Memory (Train your memory)  - I love this one.
  • Data (Handle information)


And when you go on those there are different sub-heading games (e.g. Numbers - estimating) with modes.



As for questions, when you go onto it there are 6 topics.


  • The Question of the day     -This is very good for every age group there is questions that will make an impact onto your maths knowledge if you do them regularly.
  • Math Skills practice    -These are general maths question again fo your age group.
  • Math Quizzes            -Like Math Skills practice but in a quiz.
  • Math Courses            -Gives you a great understanding of each topic in maths.
  • Find a Quiz     -Find a specific quiz.
  • Math Champions       -View all of Mathopolis's top users!


Overall, this website gives great knowledge to all users and shows a lot of care. Although, it doesn't look as cool as this website, it does help you in math a lot.With lot's of topics and games. A year of this web site will make you a genius!


(I've got 10 Merits so far, it's very addicting)!


-MathsGod1 (MG1)



MathsGod1  May 28, 2015

Best Answer 


Thank you, Melody.

MathsGod1  May 28, 2015

Thank you MathsGod1.  This is an excellent review.  

It sounds like a site that would be a big help to many people here.  

I shall inlude this review in our "Reference Material" sticky topic   

Melody  May 28, 2015
Best Answer

Thank you, Melody.

MathsGod1  May 28, 2015

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