i just needt a hand at solving this, i dont know what equation to use. if you are able to help me that would be amazing


A soft drink factory fills cans of soda water by setting a timer on a filling machine. It has been found that the distribution of the amount of soda water the machine puts into a can is normal with standard deviation of 2 ml. If the company wants 99% of all its cans of soda water to have at least 375 ml as printed on the container, what mean amount should the filling machine be set to put in each can?

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\(\text{ }\\ \hspace{.1em} \text{Use this equation. Solve for } \mu \\ \text{ }\\ \hspace{.2em} z= \dfrac {x-\mu}{\sigma}\hspace{1em} |\text{ z is the z-score from a chart, x is the random variable,}\\ \hspace{5.8em} |\;\mu \text { is the mean and } \sigma \text{ is the standard deviation.}\\ \text{ }\\ \)


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Good Job! Nice explanation, bu

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